Safe Operating Procedures

What’s at risk when your safety SOPs are collecting dust?

Save a life (maybe literally)

Even with safety and compliance standards that govern machinery operations, in-store food prep, and employee health, incidents happen. For example, one in six Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated food and beverages every year. And each time an incident occurs, your brand takes a hit.

The best way to adhere to standards and keep everyone safe is to properly train workers and reinforce that training with easy-to-access safe operating procedures. Binders and stickers taped to machinery will never have the same effect as interactive videos, images, flashcards and quizzes on mobile devices. An empowered and educated employee ensures a safer environment for fellow employees and customers alike.

Accurate Safe Operating Procedures

For workers who perform complicated tasks, attention to detail matters. For example, a multitude of products, models, and details need to be remembered in service industries, which often slows down workers.

With on-demand job aids and checklists, employees are more efficient and error-free in their work. Not only do customers receive better results, but your business also makes higher profits when employees work at an efficient speed and make fewer mistakes. Everyone wins.

Sleep soundly at night

The one constant in life is change; regulations are no different. How do you inform your employees when a product is pulled from the shelves or a food recall is ordered? If the information isn’t immediately disseminated and acted upon, your business could face lawsuits or worse.

Even if you manage to broadcast information, how do you know that your employees have seen it? With a mobile solution, not only are regulations and procedures updated instantly with one-click publishing, but you can also alert employees and track views to ensure that information doesn’t slip through the proverbial cracks.


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