Mobile, Social, and eLearning-based L&D is the Future

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Tech-based eLearning is finally infiltrating the employee development departments of organizations everywhere, allowing them to cater content to their team’s every need.

Why? Your team expects learning content to be enjoyable and cutting-edge, and you expect your employees to be engaged learners.

Today’s increasingly mobile workforce requires the flexibility to access key content and reference materials from wherever and whenever they may be working. But mobility doesn’t necessarily mean isolation. Employees crave interaction via instant message or message boards, and eLearning-based content platforms ensure that they have access to up-to-date information and resources.

A trifecta of mobile, social, and eLearning-based training materials ensures an efficient team that’s satisfied with its access to career-enhancing knowledge.

Support your on-the-go workforce with content accessible from anywhere.

Your team is constantly on the move between the field, the office, corporate HQ, and the miles of transit in the middle. They need access to content to be quick and reliable so that they can stay on top of training and career growth.

Everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet these days, and much like the general population, your employees expect the ability to grab their phone and instantly engage with learning content and reference materials.

Let your employees rest assured that they have mobile access to highly reliable corporate learning content so that they can engage in professional development at their convenience.

Provide a social component, because knowledge is meant for sharing.

We learn better when we have the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other. According to a survey, 55% of top-performing employees say that more than 50% of their on-the-job learning was casual in format–e.g., it occurred during a discussion or an informal social experience.

Another survey suggests that half of all learners retain more information when the learning experience is discussion-based. Give your employees that sounding-board capability by implementing discussion boards or messaging as a social component to your tech-based learning content.

Keep the most up-to-date information available and accessible.

In “Informal Learning,” learning expert Jay Cross suggests that 33 percent of all wasted time in the workplace is due to inefficient access to information. Employees spend needless time sifting through pages upon pages of content, and even when they find the right material, chances are it’s the wrong version and won’t aid their current professional development goals.

Avoid wasting your employees’ time and your company’s dollars by providing access to  cloud-based content that’s automatically updated when you add or change elements. The latest updates are instantly available to your team without needing to update static PDFs or distribute hard copies. Cloud content is easy to customize and search by module or topic, letting your employees quickly access the right training material without spending ages scrolling through irrelevant content.

We’re in the middle of a new learning paradigm, and the time to embrace tech-supported learning materials is now. Keep your employees happy and armed with mobile-friendly, social-based, cloud-enabled content that serves them well and supports their learning and development goals.