ICYMI: The Modern Sales Rep Needs Better Content

sales rep on comp

In the constant, fast-paced news cycle of today, we know it gets difficult to catch every trend, tip, and thought on workplace knowledge. That’s why we’re starting a new series, “In Case You Missed It,” to recap our most popular stories from every month. Keep reading to find February’s top stories—and check out the rest of our blog for more insights into how knowledge impacts the bottom line.

Attention, Business Leaders: Sales Reps Aren’t Just Sales Reps Anymore

The role of the modern sales representative is evolving. It’s no longer enough to be an expert on the company’s product: prospects also expect reps to be experts on their organizations’ needs. So, how do you transform your salesforce from selling machines into trustworthy advisors? Here, three reasons cloud-based content is your secret weapon for sales success.

3 Technologies Defining the Future of L&D

The ruling word of today’s increasingly mobile workforce is “flexibility.” In order to perform at the highest level, employees need content that is not only accessible, but interactive. Read more to find out how–and why–to empower your workforce with a trifecta of mobile, social, and cloud-based learning materials.

Why Successful L&D Requires Bottom-Line Thinking

The core of any organization’s success is its collective knowledge. Your workforce’s skills and interests, as well as their dedication (and ability) to learn, are the ultimate determiners of progress or failure. But how do you ensure this knowledge can be accessed and shared effectively? The answer lies in not only setting goals, but measuring your progress.

Perks Don’t Define Culture–Knowledge Does

Employee training is the first opportunity to make new staff feel comfortable at your organization, but the process of learning and assimilating to company culture doesn’t stop there. Your approach to learning and development has a huge impact on your company values and the talent you attract. Read more to find out how to increase loyalty, engagement, and retention with the right workplace knowledge strategy and content.