A Brandon Hall Group Webinar: How to create learning moments that deliver results

By Ray Kelly on July 22, 2019

There’s been a shift in learner expectations—and corporate learning professionals are taking notice. Read More

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Coffee Hour with Verizon Media: Boosting customer satisfaction and sales

By Ray Kelly on April 1, 2019

IMAGINE for a moment that you’re responsible for developing onboarding and training programs that empower your frontline workforce to deliver quick, reliable, and exceptional customer service via phone, email, chat, and social channels. Now imagine ...

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Coffee Hour with H&R Block: Winning at taxes and training

By Rachel Flood on September 27, 2018

Join the live webinar with H&R Block. After converting 13,000 pages, 600 chapters, and 72 different books of tax code into searchable digital content in a mere 25 days, H&R Block is now reaping the ...
modern learning platform

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Coffee Hour with Chick-fil-A: Staying Agile with Mobile Content

By Rachel Flood on August 28, 2018

Inkling's mobile enablement platform gives Chick-fil-A operators and team members the ability to train when and where they need to, leaving more time to provide the hospitable customer experience they are known for. ...

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New Webinar Series: Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018

By Rachel Flood on August 10, 2018

The three part series will give you a taste of what’s happening in the restaurant industry today, the challenges that brands face, and what exciting opportunities exist for improving operations and increasing employee and customer ...
Employee Onboarding

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Rev Up Your Ramp Up: Making Employee Onboarding More Efficient

By Joanna Sims on May 3, 2016

Across industries, one of the hardest parts of hiring new employees is getting them trained and up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. Some employers stress on-the-job training while others have full-on classroom ...